Cooley Healthy Body Challenge (CHBC)


Next Program Starts 4 October 2021

Registrations close 5 September 2021



Pay as little as $18 per week with our payment plan.



To celebrate our 11th challenge, we are changing it up! We will still keep the foundation of the previous 10 challenges but will be taking science into account and focus on SLEEP and how it benefits our brain function, reduces our sugar cravings and boosts our mood. 

Have you had enough (or a Gut Full) with not getting enough sleep? The theme for this year's Cooley Healthy Body Challenge is:


The Cooley Health Team will give personal support all the way, a qualified health coach by your side, a group to share recipes and experiences with, encourage you through hard times, Group & Individual coaching and accountability. How can you go wrong?

What benefits will you see?
  • Rapid weight loss
  • Increased energy
  • Enhancement in mood
  • May reduce the risk of age-related diseases
  • May reduce the risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cognitive decline
  • May help to reduce inflammation in the body which may improve asthma, eczema, psoriasis.

SOZO bioimpedance spectroscopy system performs advanced body composition analysis. Though this technology has been in existence for a while, SOZO takes it up a notch by quickly scanning through 256 different frequencies (other scanners se 25 frequencies) interpreting significantly more data than your typical bioimpedance spectrosoper.

2 Scans are included in the Full 8 Week program.

Saving of $50!

Add on 2 scans for $50 to any other CHBC package.

Results will include  hydration, fat -free mass, fat mass, total protein and minerals and metabolic report.


We are bringing the experience of our previous 10 challenges and provide you the accountability we all need to achieve our health goals. This 8 week challenge will strive to change your mindset about what living a healthy life really looks like. It's not about restricting, depriving and punishing yourself but rather spoiling yourself with yummy, healthy foods and moving your body in a fun and challenging way.

The full CHBC includes unlimited classes at Cooley Health Clinic. Combine your motivating exercise with healthy eating choices. Have fun and enjoy our community of individuals who share your goal of getting fit inside and out. Do the full challenge or the nutrition component only, in person or far away. It's up to you.

What is the CHBC about:

Team Up!
Research shows that doing it with a friend will increase your success. We will not leave anyone behind encouraging you to be accountable and encouraging us all to reach our goals. Bring a friend with you on the program and save 10% for both of you!

8 weeks of unlimited Yoga, Booty Barre, Pilates, FHIT Barre4, Power Aqua, Trampoline and Punchfit+ Classes'!
For the CHBC, we are excited to add new classes to the challenge from last year. Even more to choose from. Subject to availability, book into as many fitness classes you wish. You need to do a minimum of 2 classes per week.

The CHBC 8 week food diary book                                                                                                              Based on the Australian Dietary Guidelines, research conducted by Harvard University, research by Dr Michael Mosley (science journalist, author) and knowledge of our Health Coach, you will receive a booklet to help guide you on what you should eat and drink, a daily food diary, fortnightly measurements and tips to keep you on track 

CHBC Recipe Book                                                                                                                                                You will get our very own CHBC recipe book developed from previous challenges, low calorie Mediterranean Diet meals Recipe  + NEW recipes to help you sleep.

Online Stretching & Pilates Videos                                                                                                                   You will have access to Stretching and Pilates workout videos to do between your classes starring your very own Cooley Health instructors.

Access to the CHBC social network                                                                                                                Join the CHBC Facebook page, where challengers share their stories and get motivating feedback from all our challengers and trainers. Member only access to the Cooley Healthy Body Challenge Private web page.

 Personal Health & Nutrition Coaching Session                                                                                         Before we start on 12 October, you will be invited to participate in a ONE HOUR complimentary group Health & Nutrition Coaching Session to kick start your program. Priceless. You get to also meet others that will be taking the journey with you.We will also include:

- information about Gut Health, Intermittent Fasting and how sleep affects weight loss, what foods can aid sleep and the Mediterranean Diet (awarded the best diet in the world 2019)                                                                    - Body Measurements and weight

Weekly recipe ideas & Meal Plans                                                                                                              Fantastic meal plans based on the Mediterranean Diet and foods to aid sleep to help take the guess work out. Lots of variety and mix and match ideas to satisfy everyone. Don't like the Mediterranean Diet food? No problem, there are non-Mediterranean sample meal plans and recipes too!

Fortnightly consultation and measurements                                                                                               Every fortnight after a class you attend, you can be weighed and measured. It will only take a few minutes. These check ins are vital to keep you on track and really make the challenge a success. Put these important appointments in your calendar and never miss one.

10, 000 Step Challenge                                                                                                                                     Who doesn't like a little 'friendly' competition? Last year's challengers LOVED it. We will track our way through Australia to see if we can maintain (and go beyond) 10,000 steps per day.

Group Coaching Sessions - NEW!                                                                                                                      Surrounding yourself with like-minded people with similar challenges, gaining motivation, create accountability, celebrating successes and gaining perspective of others are just a few benefits from our Group Coaching Workshops. Regular Group Coaching Workshops will be available to attend. 

What will it cost?

Already a Cooley Health Group Fitness client? As you have already paid for either a monthly, weekly or Term pass, here are the additional costs for the 8 weeks for the program:

  • $144 OR $18 per week payment plan

New to Cooley Health classes? The full 8 week program:

  • $389 (unlimited classes, challenge for 8 weeks + 2 SOZO Body Scans). Choose our 8 week payment plan and pay under $49 per week!

Nutritional Component Only:

  • $144 Choose our 8 week payment plan and pay $18 per week

Live far away from Cooley Health Clinic or just want to do the Nutritional Component? 

  • We have had many clients participate in the challenge who live overseas, interstate or in another city. They have loved it. Pay for the nutritional content only and you can Zoom or pop in each fortnight for your consultation.

You will feel great! Testimonials...

"I am sure as with everybody who undertook this challenge it was really about change, creating healthier habits and feeling better about myself. All of these things I achieved. The added bonus was sharing this time with my other challengers. I was motivated and encouraged by you all. I felt encouraged, supported and had fun with you all. To be honest I feel a little embarrassed by the accolade because I feel we all achieved sooo much together. Thank you each and everyone for the experience."

"Thank you Cooley Health! Your  Challenge was just what I needed to get some discipline back in to my diet & exercise & of course to shift that unwanted weight. Love my new body & extra energy to keep up with my busy life.  I couldn't have done it without your support & motivation nor the encouragement of everyone else doing the Challenge."

"Dear Suzy, my favourite person in the whole world because I can now fit into a top I could never fit into (one of those purchases that you’d say ‘when I lose weight that will fit’)."

So let's work off that extra Booty we have acquired over winter and register now! Registrations and payment MUST be made by 9 September 2020.

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