LOVE @ 1ST BOUNCE... 'New' Trampilates class is here!

What are the benefits of rebounding?

  • CARDIO VASCLAR FITNESS: A study carried out by NASA found that 10 minutes bouncing on a trampoline is a better cardiovascular workout than 33 minutes of running. Bouncing on a trampoline also stimulates the flow in a way that helps rid the body of toxins and waste.
  • COORDINATION & AGILITY - Bouncing on a trampoline increases awareness of your body and a sense of balance and coordination. Improved co-ordination and fine motor skills can assist in other sports that require a lot of hand-eye and general co-ordination.
  • LOW IMPACT - Although trampolining provides an intense workout for the muscles and bones, the mat absorbs 80 per cent of the shock from the rebound. Unlike jogging or playing tennis, trampolining provides your body with an all-round workout while reducing the risk of injury to your joints, especially in your ankles and knees.
  • IMPROVED HEALTH - Full Body Detox. Rebounding gets your lymphatic system up and running. As a result of the increased G-force felt when exercising on a trampoline, your cells become stronger and helps boost the activity of immune cells keeping the body’s natural defences high and reducing the chance of getting sick.
  • STRESS RELEASE - Trampolining can help combat depression, anxiety and stress by increasing the amount of endorphins released by the brain. Regular rebounding sessions can help you relax, promote better sleeping patterns and give your more energy.

Trampilates combines the benefits of rebounding with an added Pilates component. Spaces are very limited.


 'New' Punchfit+ class is here!

PUNCHFIT+ (pronounced 'Punchfit Plus') combines 30 minutes of boxing PLUS 15 minutes of Pilates = 45 minute awesome class!

Boxing conditions your entire body and provides one of the most challenging and enjoyable workouts of any sport. This class is for the guys, ladies or anyone who wants a workout that packs a 'punch'!

Join us on Monday and Wednesdays @ 5:30am!




Massage and acupuncture:   

1/2 hour - $45.00  

1 hour - $80.00          

Health fund rebates available!

Health & Nutrition Consultation:

Per session: $65.00

Two month Kick start Program (5 consultations + 3 fitness classes): $195 ($361 in value)

Pilates/Booty Barre/Piloxing/Power Aqua/Trampoline (coming soon):

Casual - $18.00/class

10 week term (one class/week) - $160.00

Monthly Pass (12 sessions) - $108.00

Monthly membership (unlimited classes) - $125.00

Annual membership (unlimited classes) - $995.00

New client 2 week unlimited - $49.00

Kids Pilates - $10/class

Bookings essential. Due to the high demand for these classes, 1 month prepayment is required for weekly and monthly memberships.

Please note: All memberships have time limit agreements and are not transferrable/refundable. 

*8 hour cancellation policy applies to all appointments.