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you'll feel great!

Get a massage treatment from the best!

"Wayne was recommended as 'the best' by a friend and now I have pain relief, inspiration and laughs #lovecooleyhealth"

When you see Wayne and his team for massage or acupuncture, you know you are getting the best treatment possible."You will feel great!"

Turn 'ugh' into 'Ahhhh' and free yourself from aches and pains. Get the MINDBODY App above to easily book yourself an appointment, book online or call us. Too easy.

Wayne has been practicing Chinese Acupuncture for over 20 years! Build your collagen and help soften wrinkles with facial acupuncture too. Ask us for more information.


Massage and acupuncture:   

1/2 hour - $45.00  Wayne - $55

1 hour - $80.00    Wayne - $99     

Cooley Health Therapists

15mins - $30

1/2 hour - $50

1 hour - $88

Health fund rebates available!

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